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I present to you all, my second movie night masterpost!! With much more than the last one, which you can not view anymore because Tumblr had it removed! :(( 

All links working as of 19/04/2014, I spent lots of time on this so please do not delete the source or this message!


Disney/Pixar Movies + More “Kids” Movies: 

Horror/Gore/Scary Movies:


Movies About Love:


Tim Burton


Film Series:

Harry Potter and the:

The Lord of the Rings:

The Hobbit

Movies Everyone On Tumblr Talks About:

Want to waste your life watching televelevision shows? cool. same. here’s what to do.

  1. Go to this link. (
  2. Look in the upper left hand corner. 
  3. Type in the show you would like to watch, then click ‘search’
  4. Click on the show and the season you want to watch.
  5. Get addicted and cry. 

Want something to eat while watching movies/tv shows?


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We are different—but we shouldn’t be trying to fit into society. Society should aspire to be more like us. Mutant and Proud.

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if you threw a pad or tampon into a crowd of boys they would probably all scream and it would be like that scene from monsters inc where george gets contaminated by a sock

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Journals, articles, books & texts, on folklore, mythology, occult, and related -to- general anthropology, history, archaeology.

Some good and/or interesting (or hokey) ‘examples’ included for most resources.
tryin to organize & share stuff that was floating around onenote.

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The life of a third wheel

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A lot of people came to me lately and asked me about my X-Men: First Class Uniform. So I figured it’s time to try and tell you a little bit about how I made this. I’m not really good at explaining things because I’m not a professional and I mostly plan things in my head instead of writing them down, especially when it comes to how to sew a Cosplay. But I’ll try my best. 

First of all - that is what I needed with a height of 1,60m (Picture 8): 

- 3m blue fabric with some sort of pattern that fits the one from the uniform.
- 1m blue fabric without pattern. Also it has to be a little lighter than the other blue.
- 2m yellow fabric with a pattern that fits best.
- 3m blue leather.
- 1m black leather.
- 7m lining fabric (optional)
- 3m belt, the black ones you always use to buckle up in a car.
- 7 zippers (2x 15cm for the ankles, 2x 20cm for the thighs, 2x 10cm for the wrists, 1x 70cm to open and close the whole thing)
- 4 press-studs
- 1 black buckle
- Leather gloves
- A pair of shoes
- Something you can use to create the silver buckles

Concerning the fabric: I always buy more than I actually need in case I make any errors so yeah c: ! You can buy a bit less if you’re sure about how you’re going to do this.

It was said in the making off that the blue leather was made to look like this by just sewing it in a certain way so there were small bumps (?) everywhere. So I did exactly the same as you can see in picture 9. The result can be seen on picture 10.
The arm-pieces needed to be 60cmx10cm long in the end and the blue leather had to be 2mx15cm long so I ended up with the final length in the end. Then I did the same for the butt-, leg- and chestpieces. The length of course depends on how long your limbs are etc. etc… 

Afterwards I looked up all pictures I could find of the uniform and in every single angle. I drew the uniform a couple of times and then I took each piece (leg, arm, chest…) and drew it seperately. Then I took apart the different pieces and tried to find a way how to sew it together in the end (picture 7). I didn’t draw all of it, most of it is still in my head so instead of drawing all this down, I marked the pieces on the original and my piece to show you where they should end up (pictures1 and 3).

Oh and those… blue long straps that separate most of the pieces are made out of leather as well. Cut out a long and thin piece, folded it and sewed it between the pieces.

I don’t know what else I should say about this because I really can’t tell exactly what I did apart from sewing the pieces I figured out together so I’m sorry that I can’t explain this further u__u!!

If you have any questions you can always come to my inbox and ask me specifically about certain things and I’ll try to explain it to you.

I really hope that helps at least a bit c: !!

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  1. what she says: i'm fine
  2. what she means: i'm gay for natalie dormer
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when you get your eyeliner perfect


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if i ever get married i am gonna be too embarrassed to kiss my husband in front of everyone, especially my parents, so we will probably just high five or something

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I like being sent legit anon asks it’s like being interviewed by a fan

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the whispered “oh my god”… the look of of humiliation on the childs face… the brother is tired

lmfao I am both of them at the same time

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I was tagged by hyenaprinceling for the desktop challenge.

Currently I don’t have my computer (All July, I’m actually dying here XD), so I’ve been using my phone for everything.
I like to keep it pretty organised with pictures that often describe my mood of the day and have everything on one page.
As you can see, the mood of the day is calm-neutral.

I tag: snafusshelton bigtuna108 beautifulfassy and awesomesalad